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February 24, 2018

5 Best Exercises For Building Mass & Power

There are plenty of exercises to choose from in the Iron Game, but only a handful are considered essential exercises.
And of that handful, five are what's known as tools of the trade exercises, the indispensable few you must have in your workout program.

Building Mass

Here are the five best exercises on the planet for building muscle and power. Add these to your workout and watch your gains soar.

1. The Squat 
The big boy of all weight bearing exercises. The squat has been called the king of all exercises and rightly so. The squats have am indirect effect on your body, meaning squats work just about every muscle in the body, especially the thighs and quads. Even the calves get worked with heavy squats.

2. The Deadlift 
Another exercise with massive indirect effects. The deadlift works the whole body and some say all you need is the deadlift and a pressing exercise and you're in business. The hamstrings and back are the hardest hit. The deadlift is also the best ab exercise around. Do a couple sets of good, hard deadlifts once and see how sore you abs are after.

3. Overhead Press 
Great exercise for your shoulders and upper back. Do them standing up instead of setting down. Why? Because it's harder that's why. The old timers did heavy presses and they always did them standing. Many of the old-school lifters liked to press heavy dumbbells to work one arm at a time. Barbells or dumbbells, either way, do presses.
4. Bench Press 
Works the chest and the triceps hard. No need to do wimpy tricep pushdowns or french presses with this bad boy. Heavy benches are the only exercise you need to work your chest and triceps.

5. Chins 
The chin up is the best bicep exercise around, bar none. Try this experiment: Flex your bicep but keep the palm of your hand facing away from you. You should be looking at the back of your hand. Now grab your bicep with your other hand and feel how soft it is. Now rotate your wrist so that the palm of your hand on the flexed bicep is now facing you. Did you feel the contraction? That's what happens during heavy chins. If you're getting off too many reps, add weight to your body. If you can't do chins, switch to pulldowns instead, but keep your palms facing you.

There you have it. The five best exercises for building mass and power. If you make these fabulous five the foundation of your program, lift heavy and with max intensity, you'll be out-growing your clothes before you know it.
February 23, 2018

6 Tips to Build Chest Muscles Fast

I can understand why a lot of people want to build chest muscles fast, because having a massive or wide chest shows that you are healthy, you workout, it looks good in your outfit and also shows that you have power.

build chest muscles fast

We will in this article go through some tips to build chest muscles fast and it is important to notice that all of the tips has as equal importance as the others and should be prioritized equally if you want to build chest muscles fast.

Tips to build chest muscles fast

-Tip #1 to build chest muscles fast:
The first tip to build chest muscles fast is to know what exercises you need to work with. The build chest muscles fast exercises that you should definitely include in your workout should be the bench press, both incline and flat bench. I will also recommend that you switch up between barbell and dumbbells.

There are a lot of different exercises to choose from and I will recommend that you either get your hands on a muscle building program that has all the exercises and a how-to perform those exercises or if you can afford it, hire a professional coach.

-Tip #2 to build chest muscles fast:
This is, in my opinion, the most important tip to build chest muscles fast and it is called nutrition. You need to provide your body with fuel if you want it to grow, but not any kind of fuel. With this one as well, I will recommend that you find a muscle building program that has a nutrition plan so you know exactly which food will help you to build chest muscles fast.
-Tip #3 to build chest muscles fast:
The third tip to build chest muscles fast is called progression. Always increase your lifting weight with whatever exercise you are doing, as this is the only way you muscles are forced to grow.

Tips to build chest muscles fast – The unheard ones

-Tip #4 to build chest muscles fast:
This tip to build chest muscles fast might surprise you, but it should not be neglected. It is called breathing. If we take the bench press as an example, I want you to inhale when you pull the bar down to your chest and exhale when you push it forward. This will make it easier for you to lift heavy weights and works great with the third tip. Try it for yourself next time you are in the gym to build chest muscles fast.

-Tip #5 to build chest muscles fast:
If you want to build chest muscles fast you need to let your body rest. It is when you rest that you actually build the muscles you want. It might sound counterintuitive, but it works.

-Tip # 6 to build chest muscles fast:
This tip to build chest muscles fast is kind of obvious, but I want to emphasize it; stay consistent with your workout because that is the best way to build chest muscles fast.

If you follow the above tips to build chest muscles fast, you will experience the results sooner than you think.
February 22, 2018

How to Build Muscle Without Gaining Body Fat

Building muscles without gaining fat mass is not the easiest task in bodybuilding, but it can definitely be done.
There are several factors that can influence this process:
How to Build Muscle

Level of training

Level of training

People that are beginners in training usually have the capacity of building easier muscles than accumulating fat mass. This is due to the fact that when you are a beginner your body needs to do many adaptations in order for it to face the future trainings. So it will consume a lot of energy do these adaptations.

These adaptations usually are things like: increasing muscle size, strengthening tendons, strengthening ligaments, strengthening bones and improving some functions. All these things will need calories that the body will take from the fat deposits.

On the other hand a person that is advanced in training, for example 3-4 years, usually will build muscle mass and fat tissue at the same rate, if the diet and training are not adjusted accordingly.


In order for someone to build muscles without gaining fat is important to know his maintenance calories.

The maintenance calories are basically the amount of calories that someone can eat without gaining weight. A method through which you can find your maintenance calories is to eat every day the same amount of calories and see if you gain, lose or stall in weight. If you gain weight you reduce them with 200-500 calories, if you lose weight you have to increase them with 200-500, but if you stall you found your maintenance weight.

Keep in mind that you have to eat the same amount of calories for 1 week to draw conclusions.
Diet composition

To build muscles without fat gains you also have to have a diet that is based on foods rich in proteins and low in other macronutrients..

The diet composition can look something like this: 25-30% proteins, 20-30 carbohydrates and the rest percents fats.

A trick which you can do to keep fat accumulation away, is to eat carbohydrates like in the above example in the training days and in the off days to reduce them to about 100-150 grams max per day.


Cardio is a tool that can help you burn some extra calories in order for you to reach your maintenance levels. Depending how you use it, cardio can have a good or a bad impact on your muscle gains.

The best thing to do if you need to burn some calories is to do low intensity cardio, mainly a fast walk.

The duration of cardio will depend of your needs, for example with 10 minutes of low intensity cardio you can burn around 100 calories. So, if you need to burn 500 calories in a day, you will have to do around 40-50 minutes of cardio.

Usually, if you do the cardio on a treadmill it will show you how much calories your burned.


This last factor can have an important impact when it comes to building muscles without gaining fat, mainly because with the passing of years the body's metabolism decreases in its activity, usually with 10% at every 10 years.

A younger person will build lean muscles easier, than a person that let's say is 40 years old. At this age you must be very careful about every factor that can influence fat gain.
February 21, 2018

Top 6 Quad Exercises

Though everyone loves to train their upper bodies, especially "mirror" muscles like the chest, biceps, and shoulders, many people are afraid to put in some honest work in a grueling leg workout. This is unfortunate because a well-developed set of quads brings an immense amount of power and development to a physique. Here are the top 6 quad exercises for developing an impressive set of legs.

Quad Exercises

1. Squats

If you're seriously weight training, you should already be doing squats religiously. It is one of the best quad exercises, as well as the best overall muscle mass developer. Gaining strength on heavy squats is the only thing that can take your leg development to its maximum potential.

Though you should already be doing squats for heavy sets of 4-6 reps, try doing them for much higher reps to build your quads. If you're really ready for a challenge, try 20-rep squats. To do these, use a weight with which you can get a smooth set of about 10-12 reps.

After about 10 reps, start pausing at the top for 3-4 breaths and grinding out rep after rep until you get to 20. This is one of the most brutally hard things you can do in the weight room, but it will pay enormous dividends towards your muscularity.

2. Hack Squats

If your knees can handle them, hack squats are possibly the best heavy exercise you can do to specifically target your quads. Though it takes you through a full squat range of motion, while hitting your quads preferentially over the hamstrings or glutes.

The best way to perform these is to work up to a heavy set of 6-8 reps, and follow it with a higher rep set. You can use the same protocol for the high rep set as you do for 20-rep squats.

3. Leg Presses

The leg press is one of the best leg builders and overall quad exercises. Unlike the hack squat, it allows you to use your hamstrings and glutes to a large degree, as well. Though it as not as targeted for your quads, this provides the potential for using very heavy weights.

Again, you can use the same protocol with the leg press as you can with the squat and hack squat. You can also simply work up to a few hard sets of 10-12 reps. Either way will build your quads very well. Also, you place your feet high and wide on the platform, with your toes hanging off, to preferentially target the hamstrings.

4. Dumbbell Split Squats

To perform the split squat, you simply place one foot on a bench behind you and use the other leg to squat. You can change the angle and position of your foot to target quads more than hamstrings.

To do this movement with dumbbell, simply set the dumbbells at your sides before you put your foot on the bench. Squat down and pick up the dumbbells to initiate the movement. Your grip may give out, so use straps if you need to.

5. Barbell Lunges

The barbell lunge is one of the best overall quad exercises, hamstrings, and glutes. Using a barbell on your back, simply lunge forward. You can do "walking" lunges, where you continue to lunge one foot after the other, or you can simply step forward and back inside the squat rack.

6. Smith Machine Squats

Though many free weight purists decry the smith machine for squats, it can be a great tool to specifically target your quads. Use much the same form as you would with the squat, but focus on simply pushing with your quads as you do the movement. I personally don't do this movement much, but you may findit to be one of your best quad exercises.
February 20, 2018

Cable Workouts

Building Big Muscles With Cable Workouts

When it comes to building muscles, it is vital that one changes his routine from time for time. I have changed my own routine many times over the years in order to continue making the most progress possible. If you do not change your routine and add variety to your workouts you will reach a plateau and quit making progress. As stated in other articles of mine, your muscles need to be "shocked" or "surprised" into making new growth because they will adapt to the "same old thing" and feel no need to adjust due to no new demands being placed on them. Thus, they will not continue to grow and become stronger.

Cable Workouts

One of the methods you can adopt to get past a plateau is to perform cable workouts for the upper body. Though I do not recommend cable workouts year-round, I do recommend that you switch to cable workouts from time to time. However, I suggest that you use "free weights" for the majority of the year.

One of the benefits of cable exercises is that the tension will remain on the muscles being worked throughout the range of motion. Because you are handling the weight with pulley cables, there is no rest permitted due to the continual tension provided by the cables attached to the machine or device. For example, cable flyes keep the tension on your chest muscles throughout the movement unless you totally release the cable. Be sure though that you are not standing, sitting, or lying too close to the machine, which would allow rest to your muscles. Due to the pulley action of cable exercises, there is constant negative and positive resistance placed on the muscles. Positive resistance refers to the pushing or pulling part of an exercise while negative resistance refers to the lowering or returning to the start position of an exercise.
Now I would like to give you some effective cable exercises that will guarantee you to build some serious muscle without the use of free weights. The following are some of the best cable exercises you can do to build size and strength to your muscles.

Cable Flyes - Chest

There are several variations of these that can be done on a double pulley machine.

Cable Bench Presses - Chest

These can be done lying on a bench between two pulley machines.

Cable Presses - Shoulders

Cable Lateral Raises - Shoulders

Tricep Press Downs on a pulley machine - Triceps

Tricep extensions on a pulley machine - Triceps

Cable Curls - Biceps

Cable Concentration Curls - Biceps

These can be done sitting on a bench or bending over and resting your upper arm on your inner thigh.

Bent over Rows with a pulley machine - Back

These are best done with one arm at a time.

Upright Rows with a pulley machine - Upper back

Rope Crunches - Abdominals

These are done while kneeling, facing a pulley machine with your hands alongside your head and bending forward then up again, keeping the rope ends alongside your head throughout the movement.
February 19, 2018

The Best Fat Burning Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic or cardio exercises are necessary for your personal fat loss programme. They are successful if you combine them with proper nutrition, weight lifting and nutrition. However most people don't have a clue how to do them correctly. Let's face it its very annoying to spend your time on something that doesn't work. In this article you learn the correct way to burn body fat trough cardio exercises.

Fat Burning Aerobic Exercises
Why cardio for fat loss

When you want to lose body fat you have to create a calorie deficit. Creating a calorie deficit can happens in two ways. Decrease your calorie intake from food or increasing the amount of calories you burn trough exercises. It's not smart to starve the fat with low calorie diets, instead do exercises to burn the fat and feed the muscle with good nutrition. Almost all of the popular weight loss programmes fail because an extreme decrease in calorie intake slows down the metabolism. An increase in activity speeds up your metabolism. By doing regular cardio exercises and eating more often you get a double boost in your metabolic rate.

The best aerobic exercises to do

Aerobic means with oxygen and for fat to be burned oxygen must be used. When it comes to effective fat loss forget about tennis, basketball or golf. These exercises will help may help you a little bit but in the first place they are for recreation. Basically for aerobic exercises we can distinguish three major types. Low, moderate and high intensity. Doing moderate or high intensity workouts is better than low intensity workouts. The higher the intensity of the aerobic exercises are, the more calories you will burn. Another advantage of high intensity workouts is that they raises your metabolic rate to a higher level of the workout then exercises with a low intensity.

Duration of aerobic exercises

How long should your cardio workouts be? By doing cardio vascular exercises you can achieve some health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, decreased blood cholesterol or increased aerobic capacity. This can be achieved in a period between twelve and twenty minutes. But if you stop after that period of time you won't burn enough calories to get impact on fat loss. Therefore it is important to do aerobic exercises for at least thirty minutes with a maximum of sixty minutes per session.

Weight lifting

The real key to lose fat is to combine weight lifting with aerobic exercises. If you do too much cardio you can lose muscle although this does not happen occasionally. Weigh lifting helps you to build muscles and the more muscles you have the faster your metabolism works and the more stubborn body fat you will burn.
February 18, 2018

Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Build Muscle and Burn Fat - Intense Weight Lifting

Most people workout because they want to look better. One of the biggest misconceptions about getting ripped and cut muscles is that you should do low weight and high reps. While this does work, there is a much better way build muscle and burn fat.

Many people believe that the best way to get those defined muscles is to do a lot of reps with a small amount of weight. This way will work, but it will also cause you to lose some muscle. The reason for this is that your body will realize that it does not need all of this muscle, so it will start to use some of the protein in your muscles for other purposes in your body. This will actually cause your muscles to shrink.

The best way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time is to do low reps with high weight and throw in some cardio. You should take every set to failure. What is failure, you may ask? Failure is exactly what it sounds like. Your muscles fail to be able to lift the weight anymore. For example, if you are doing 3 sets of 10, you should do as much weight as you can in order to get 10 reps and no more in the first set.
Build Muscle and Burn Fat
If you can get 11, move up in weight. This will force your body to keep all the muscle that it has and to even build more. This may sound like the total opposite of everything you've read, but it works and will actually help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Doing cardio will cause you to burn off fat, which is the reason that those muscles are hidden in the first place. Combining intense weight lifting with high intensity cardio will cause you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, and to get those ripped muscles you've been trying so hard for.

This is definitely the best way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. There are many other factors that can help you to get an amazing body even quicker. There are too many of them to talk about in this article. If your goal is to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you should check out my page

February 17, 2018

How to Build Muscle - Your Guide

How to Build Muscle When You Are Skinny - Your Guide to a Stunning Sexy Physique

While some people easily gain muscles at a drop of a hat, others require a lot of efforts to gain a tinny bit of muscle at the end of the day. Skinny people are a reality of life. These people do not necessarily suffer from lack of appetite. In fact, some skinny people around eat a lot in the dining table, even more than their weighty friends. But the reason why they could hardly gain weight is that their metabolism is like some rocket that their body can't keep up. This means whatever they eat gets digested immediately.

If you're a skinny guy wishing to have a nice body with trimmed muscles, you need to balance eating and exercise for most of the time. Eating should be your top priority since it is the only way you can gain weight. Incorporate carbohydrates, calories, and protein into your diet by eating lots of bread, pasta, meat, and dairy products. Include plenty of veggies and fruits also as they have necessary protein to ignite muscle development.

If you think cooking could help up your appetite, then by all means learn how to cook your favorite foods. Just make sure you don't eat a lot of foods that come in cans and boxes. These processed junks contain ingredients that can get in the way of your muscle growth goals. These ingredients are preservatives that mess up with your body's metabolic processes until everything gets totally messed up.
How to Build Muscle
Drink lots of water to retain the nutrients found in your diet. Those nutrients are essential in keeping your metabolism and digestion at a healthy pace. You would also need those vitamins to power you up when working out. Buy supplements rich in calcium and Vitamin C, A, and D in order to keep your bones active and strong even on intense activities.

When doing exercises on how to build muscle when you are skinny, make sure that you amplify the intensity each time you perform a specific workout. Tire yourself with repetitions because tired muscles have the most tendency to grow. Pay attention to every major muscle group to make sure not a single group is left out. Your legs should gain muscles as much as your biceps. This makes for nice proportions and good built.

Don't workout on a day to day basis. Give yourself some rest as it is needed in order to allow the bones and muscles to breathe. Rest is a good way to spur growth and make room for more muscles. Sleep well and tight, making sure you don't go below eight hours a day. Good, sufficient sleep is a good way on how to build muscle when you are skinny.