Pack On Instant Muscle And Get A Six Pack In One Month Guaranteed

How much money have you spent on nutritional supplements that claim to add ten pounds of muscle seemingly overnight? If you are a fitness nut like me, I have wasted about $400 - $500 a month buying all this junk, striving to achieve the magnificent body of a cover model and not gain the promised results of the compelling advertisement.

I used to think I could get a quick fix, an instant six pack, and bulging biceps by doing a lot less lifting and lot less dieting. Unfortunately for me and you, we fail to recognize that it is the basics that yield the most results in your quest to build that sexy body. The two most important basics are diet and exercise.

Six Pack

It was not until about a year ago that I discovered I was falsely led to believe that pills contributed to 90% of what my body will look like. Once I got my senses knocked into me, I quit swallowing those pills and potions and my body got even better.

You see, the fastest way to build your sexy body is to eat right and exercise right! It has been said that you are what you eat and that diet alone contributes 75 percent up to 99% to how your body will look. Whatever the actual percentage is, a healthy diet is still where the majority of your results will com from.

You can exercise and still eat like a fat pig, and get mediocre results. Or you can start exercise combined with diet and you will get you more lustful stares walking down the streets because of your spectacular results!

So, you want to lose that excess fat around your butt, thighs, and belly huh? The best way to do this is to do the things that will get you there the fastest and healthiest way possible.

And if 75 percent of your results will come from diet, you would have to agree that it is only logical to spend 75 percent of your efforts on the foods you put into your mouth! Now do not ignore exercise completely, I am sorry to say but you still have to do  it! To build a sexy body, you will still have to constantly challenge your body with weights and cardiovascular exercise. That goes for both males and females.

Get the basics of consistent diet and exercise down first and once you see the results, you would not want to touch one of those wonder pills again. So if you are still tempted to buy one of those body transforming supplements made by smart marketers, it is best if you saved your money because you will be sorely disappointed at the results.

Weight Lifting Routine For Building Muscle Fast

Building Muscle Fast - A 3-Day Pull-Push-Legs Weight Lifting Routine For Building Muscle Fast

If you look at the way many top bodybuilders, strength athletes, and Olympians train, you might get the idea that you have to spend long hours in the gym nearly every day of the week to make appreciable muscle gains. Fortunately for those of you building muscle fast on a tight schedule, nothing could be further from the truth. When building muscle is the goal, you must stress quality over quantity. The most important thing for you to accomplish in your weight training is to provide an adequate stimulus for your muscles to grow bigger and stronger, and this can absolutely be accomplished in as little as three gym sessions per week.

Building Muscle Fast

Here is a 3-day weight lifting routine for building muscle fast with one day each for pulling, pushing, and leg training. The exercises of the "pull" day work your back and biceps, those of the "push" day work your chest, shoulders, and triceps, and the movements of the "leg" day work your quads, hamstrings, abs, and calves. Go through this rotation once per week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or similar schedule.

Muscle Gain Diet

Muscle Gain Diets - The 3 Most Important Parts of Successful Muscle Gain Diets

If you take a look around any weight room, you might see some people seriously training, but you don't see a whole lot of people making real progress. That's because their muscle gain diets are all wrong! Most people have no clue how to eat to really make progress and build muscle.

This article will explain the 3 most important elements of successful muscle gain diets. At the end of the article, discover the best, most proven plan for building muscle fast, and learn how you can gain up to 40 pounds of muscle in just 6 months.
Muscle Gain Diet

1. Focus On Protein First

It should be no surprise that protein is the most important part of good muscle gain diets. Protein contains amino acids, which are the building blocks that your body will use to build new muscle tissue. I recommend getting about 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, every single day.