Your triceps muscles make up over two-thirds of your arm size. So if you want big arms, it only makes sense to focus on building up t...

Killer Triceps Exercises

Your triceps muscles make up over two-thirds of your arm size. So if you want big arms, it only makes sense to focus on building up the mass of your triceps.

Unfortunately, most guys make the same mistakes when working out their triceps. And these mistakes are robbing you of muscle mass. Here is a simple strategy that average guys can use to beef up your triceps muscles.

The first key to building massive triceps is to select the right exercises. You see, if you select the wrong exercises.... it doesn't matter how hard you work. It doesn't matter how spot-on your diet may be... because ultimately your success will hinge on your exercise selection.

For building mass, we want to stick with heavy, basic movement. Some of my favorite mass-building triceps exercises are the weighted dip, close-grip bench press and skull-crushers.

You'll notice that I did not include dumbbell kickbacks or other light weight exercises. There's a very good reason for this.

You see to build up the muscles in your triceps you have to select the exercises that will allow you to use the most weight.

If you are doing weighted dips with 90 pounds strapped to your waist, that's forcing your triceps to work extra hard.

If you are doing triceps kickbacks with a 15 pound dumbbell, your triceps don't have the same growth influences.

The second key is that you must always be pursuing new levels of strength. When working out your triceps muscles, your goal is not to get a pump or go through the motions.

Your only goal should be to lift more weight (or add more reps) than you did last week. By getting stronger week after week, you will invariably add more muscle mass.

Think about it: Let's say you can close-grip bench press 185 pounds for 10 reps. With a few weeks a training, you bump up your strength levels and are now doing 225 pounds for 10 reps.

After a few more months, you reach 315 pounds for 10 reps. You've nearly doubled your strength levels. Don't you think your triceps will have grown? Of course they will. Your triceps will be forced to grow in order to keep up with the rising weights.

Last, but certainly not least, you must pay strict attention to your diet. You must work hard to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of protein and calories.

Every piece is connected: If you get enough protein and calories... you will be able to make regular and consistent strength gains. If you make regular and consistent strength gains... your triceps muscles will be forced to grow to keep up with rising weights.

But... if you sell yourself short at the dinner table.... you will find it difficult to increase your strength on a weekly basis. And if you aren't lifting more weight on a week by week basis... your strength levels will never appreciate significantly and therefore your triceps muscles have no real incentive to grow.

Remember, to gain one inch on your arms you have to add about 10-15lbs of overall muscle mass. Follow these keys for six weeks and I promise you'll pack on more triceps muscle mass than all the other guys at your gym.


The goal of any exercise regimen involving explosive squats workouts is to get faster and jump higher by doing them. It is not just a...

Squats Workouts - 3 Fun and Easy Squats Workouts

The goal of any exercise regimen involving explosive squats workouts is to get faster and jump higher by doing them. It is not just about squatting with heavy weights, but you will be adding jumping with heavy weights into the mix. You want to get to the point where you are jumping higher as you use light weights to squat with. For the speed aspect, the most important part is when you begin your movement. This factor is called the starting speed. The second factor is the explosive strength needed to get airborne, just like all those basketball stars. Reactive strength, on the other hand, plays the role of least importance with these squats workouts. Following these exercises will get you jumping higher by focusing your attention on applying that explosive strength that is needed for liftoff.

Squats Workouts

The first of the squats workouts is called the Box Squat. You will sit on a box, with your legs wide. Between each rep you will pause. The amount of weight you use is based upon your best back squat weight. When you determine that weight, you will use 50-60% of that weight for your box squats. Once you have the weight secured, you will explode up off the box, using just your hamstrings and your hips. Do from 2 to 5 reps for your Box Squat sets.

Moving on to the paused Jump Squat, you are going to use 16-30% of your best squat weight. Move your body down to just above parallel. Here you will wait three seconds, then explode upward, jumping as high as you can. You are going to do 5 to 10 reps here. The paused Jump Squat is a fun and helpful exercise to help you jump higher.

The Jump Shrug is next in your Squats Workouts. With this you are going to begin from the floor. Explode upward using just your legs and your hips. As your feet lift off the floor, shrug your shoulders. Come back down and start again. You'll do this 3 to 6 times.

This is a good start to your Squats Workouts. Have a good time with them, and you'll start to see a vast improvement in your vertical jumps.


Exercise routines for women helps keep your body fit and healthy. Women do not mind the figure of his body after giving birth to a so...

Workout routines for women

Exercise routines for women helps keep your body fit and healthy. Women do not mind the figure of his body after giving birth to a son. This makes your body is out of position. Fat accumulates in the abdominal region and spoil its shape. Circuit training is important for women to regain the figure they desire, also to regain health and overall body condition.

Years ago the workouts for women were not given much importance as this type of training was considered exclusive male activity. But today this is seen as a great help to prevent loss of bone density and osteoporosis. There are a variety of programs that women can choose, you can choose whatever suits your physical condition and age.
exercises routines for women
The myth that circuit training will make the bodies of women lose their shape and gain a masculine appearance is not true. Although some women find that if you apply, you must understand that there are facts tell us. Exercise routines for women does not cause the reproduction of male hormones is testosterone, in addition, testosterone is reproduced naturally in the body of some women that look a bit masculine from birth.

Covers for men, muscle mass is not simply obtained by circuit training being carried out. Some take dangerous substances such as steroids, for your body to build bigger muscles that can not be obtained in practice.

Exercise routines for women is held to reduce the fat stored in particular parts of the body. But this is a misconception. The reduction of fat in a specific point is not possible with this type of training. You can only concentrate on the reduction of body fat in the whole body. When working in full body, you get physical condition throughout the body and ninun group of muscles is forgotten.

This strengthens the body and keeps you active during the day. Circuit training for women has to be practiced between 2 or 3 times a week to get results.

Exercise routines for women involves free weights or machines. If you have posture problems, you can make use of the machines to fit the height and weight of each. However, these machines are quite expensive. If you choose to use methods that are not too expensive, then you can use the weights.

This is to improve balance and flexibility of the body. You can do several sets, each with a light weight and more weight. You should consider buying weights that can be adjusted for different weights for when you need to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Exercise routines for women is as important as for men.


What Should Be Your Post Workout Nutrition? Exercise is something that is very essential in our lives and therefore, nobody should ...

Post Workout Nutrition

What Should Be Your Post Workout Nutrition?

Exercise is something that is very essential in our lives and therefore, nobody should try to give an excuse why he or she does not participate. Even though people accept to do, there are even those who are not yet well informed about what should be done to maximize on each of especially when it comes to a Pre and post exercise nutrition. This article, however, concentrates more on the post workout nutrition. Pay attention to the following important details.

Post Workout Nutrition


Post workout proteins should not lose on your agenda. You need to make sure that you buy some protein giving food from the nearest shop. The major essence of these foods is to be broken down in the stomach and the small intestines into amino acids which enter the blood circulation to form proteins. These help in tissue growth and repair. Therefore, as you move on with your exercises, your body will as well continue to flourish. If you are uncertain of the type of individual foods to buy under this category, you can get to a nutritionist or rather to your trainer and he or she will not fail to give a hand.

Take enough water

Water should be there both during the pre and the post workout nutrition. It should however be avoided when doing the exercise because it might affect the breathing rate. However, a few minutes after the practice, it is important to take a glass of water or two so as to balance the electrolytes in the body and also to replace the in the body which you lost through sweating.


These are energy giving foods. They are highly available in every market and in our homes and therefore, no one should have a reason why he or she should avert from them. For instance, they are cheaper and therefore, you can purchase some so that after you are done with the exercise, you take some of them to boost the energy content in the body muscles so that you are fit for the next day. If you avoid this, your health might be compromised.


Apart from the three major categories of foods, a good trainee will as well consider including post workout supplements in his or her eating schedule. Get to the person who has information about this and let them aid you with the choice. They are available in the shops and the market at effective prices. Consider getting foods which are rich in mineral supplements. You can opt for green vegetables or even fish.

Other foods

As a matter of fact, there are other foods which you should also consider. For instance, vegetables, fruits and other foods which are rich in vitamins and fiber. These will help to add vitamins in your body system and also aid in the movement of food to avoid constipation. As you better your exercise, nutrition, do not leave out a post workout shake in your program. Make sure you include it so that you have a complete plan.

You need to get a guide about this from muscle prodigy.


Learn How to Build Muscle Tone with Diet and Exercise We all dream of sporting that toned muscle look. It doesn't just happen, ...

Build Muscle Tone with Diet and Exercise

Learn How to Build Muscle Tone with Diet and Exercise

We all dream of sporting that toned muscle look. It doesn't just happen, though. To build muscle tone, it's important that you have a good muscle base to begin with. The choice of exercises is important as some types of exercises build muscle tone more than others. These types are referred to as compound exercises. They allow you to lift heavier weights and have the additional benefit of working on more than one muscle group at a time. 

You undoubtedly recognize the names of many of these compound exercises: bench press, military press, dead lift, squat, and barbell row. Each of these exercises will challenge all of your primary muscle groups. All you need to do is practice these exercises with a progressively increasing load.

Build Muscle Tone

It's possible to have a lot of muscle without showing it because of an extra layer of body fat that shields it from view. If you wish to see your abs, or have others see them, you should strive for a body fat of no more than 10%. The average Joe has a body fat that is typically from 15 to 24%. It's fairly easy to lose body fat by cutting your caloric intake. 

If you cut your caloric intake by 300 calories each day from the amount of calories needed to maintain ideal body weight, your body will burn off its excess fat for energy.

How do you determine the amount of calories each day that is required to accomplish this? Simple, add up the calories that you currently consume daily to maintain your current body weight, and lower that number by 300. 
In other words, if you're currently eating 2500 calories each day, cut it down to 2200 calories. It's guaranteed that you'll see a change in just a couple of weeks, but it will also involve getting involved with some regular cardio exercise to burn off that excess fat. Jogging is good, but experts who know how to build muscle tone seem to agree that sprinting is more beneficial for losing fat. 

You'll only know what is best in your circumstance by trying. Try jogging for one week and sprinting the next. If you lower your caloric intake, and exercise as indicated above, you'll build muscle tone, lose fat, and end up looking exactly as you had hoped.


With regards to pressing on pounds of strong muscle, it is critical that you expend the most ideal pre workout meal. An all around ad...

Pre Workout and Post Workout Meal Tips

With regards to pressing on pounds of strong muscle, it is critical that you expend the most ideal pre workout meal. An all around adjusted pre workout meal will permit you to discharge a constant flow of vitality all through your exercise centre session, keep your body in an anabolic state, and guarantee you are performing at your crest quality. Nonetheless, in the event that you neglect to expend the right supplements before your workout, you couldn't just need quality and vitality yet you will at last be sent into a catabolic state and experience the ill effects of muscle wastage.

Before we go straight into what supplements make up the best pre workout meal to fuel your exceptional workout, one critical guideline is that you should be hydrated. Ensure you are drinking a decent measure of water for the duration of the day. Despite how idealize your pre workout dinner might have been, whether you are not legitimately hydrated you will be doing your workout a tremendous shamefulness.

Post Workout Meal

Your pre workout diet is best taken around 45 minutes to 1 hour before your workout. Thusly you can abstain from feeling sick since you would have given the nourishment enough time to settle. It is essential that you never skirt this feast on preparing days. Likewise, you need to ensure that you don't make this supper so huge that you feel to a great degree full or bloated.

For a strong post workout meal, carbs are pretty much as critical as protein. This is one of only a handful few times it is perfect to take in quick processing carbs. An extensive dosage of carbs after a workout is vital for two reasons. One, carbs are going to recharge muscle glycogen that was lost amid the workout. This is going to give the vitality to the following workout. Furthermore, quick processing carbs cause an insulin spike which is a strong anabolic operator. Flipping from a catabolic state to an anabolic state is basic for additions. Nectar is one of the best carb hotspots for post workout since it is a characteristic and is accessible basically anyplace.

A standout amongst the most overlooked yet critical supplements to expend post workout sustenance is water. Yes, water is a supplement that makes up a huge bit of the body's mass and is used in innumerable metabolic responses inside of the body. Water is not just lost through sweat, it is likewise lost amid activity during the time spent the body making new vitality. Whenever working out, H20 is separated in the development of ATP. This is the reason parchedness disables quality fundamentally, also blood volume and bulk. Be that as it may, there is a whole other world to hydration than simply water.