At Home Workouts - Free Workouts That Are Simple and Easy

At Home Workouts
There are many exercises you can do to get fit and maintain your fitness level without equipment or having to go to a health club. Whether you are working out at home, in a hotel or in a park, here are some very simple exercises you can do to workout your whole body.

Tone and build muscle with these resistance exercises.
  • Do squats from a standing position. You can even sit up and down from a chair if you are a beginner.
  • Lunges are split squats done with one leg in front of the other and will work different muscles than your regular squats.
  • Push ups can be done modified on the knees or from a full plank position. Beginners can do them from a waist-high counter or even from the wall.
  • Crunches are simply done on your back. Lift the upper body to engage the abdominal muscles.
  • Add weight by holding a gallon water jug in each hand while doing squats and lunges. You can do bicep curls with the water jugs as well.
Add cardio exercise to raise your heart rate by walking, running or dancing. Plyometrics such as hopping, skipping and jumping are also both cardio and weight-bearing exercises.

You can also add the following balance and core stabilizing exercises to build muscle and strength.
  • Balance on one foot or do some yoga balance poses.
  • Hold a plank position either from your forearms or hands.
  • While in plank position move up and down from forearms to hands to create a dynamic, cardio core exercise.
Finish your workout with at least a 10 minute stretch of the entire body.

Vary your workouts by creating a circuit. Choose 4 of the exercises and do 3 sets of them going from one exercise to the next. The next time you workout choose 4 different exercises and do a different circuit. The best way to see fitness results is to vary your workout and challenge the muscles.

With these exercises there is never the excuse of not having enough money to buy equipment, join a health club or hire a trainer. All you have to do is make the time to do them.

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