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March 19, 2018

Full Body Workout Routine

Full Body Workout Routine - Using Bodyweight Exercises to Get Great Results

When it comes to working out you always have options. Doing body weight exercises gives you options even when you don't have weights to use. That makes working out at home easier even with little space to work with.
Workout Routines
So what are some body weight exercises you can do to get a stunning body with your new full body workout routine?

1) Push Up - The most well know and most used body weight exercise is the push up. It is a great exercise to build a strong upper body.

If you are just beginning working out you might want to start doing pushups with your knees on the ground until you build your strength up. There is no shame in that. Everybody is in a different place in their fitness quest.

2) Chin Up - Another very commonly used body weight exercise is the chin up. All you need is a chin up bar, if you don't have a chin up bar you can use a low lying rafter somewhere, make sure it is secure.

If you need assistance use a chair to help you get through the reps until you are ready to do regular chin ups.

3) Chair Dips - Another great exercise to attack your upper body. Chair dips work your triceps, shoulders, and chest. Be careful if you do too many you will wish you didn't the next day or two.

4) Rows - This is a little different than the other examples on the list. Do this one if you don't have a pull up bar handy.

Lie under your kitchen table, chest at the edge of the table, pull yourself up as high as you can to the bottom of your table. Be careful when doing this, if you don't have a very sturdy kitchen table do not attempt this exercise. Your significant other would not like it at dinner time if there is no kitchen table to eat on because of your morning workout.

5) Squats - The first few exercises mentioned target upper body, but squats when done properly blast your lower body. There are plenty of variations of squats.

Including: regular squat, pistol squat, split squat jump, prisoner squat, sumo squat, lateral squat, Bulgarian squat. Some of the names are pretty hilarious.

6) Lunges - A close cousin of squats, lunges are an excellent body weight exercise to build strength in your legs. Do squats and lunges regularly and watch your leg strength explode.

7) Step Up - Have one leg on a higher elevation than the other. Step the lower leg up to where the higher leg is. Inhale as you lower exhale as you are coming up. Do about 8-12 reps per leg.

There you have it a great full body workout routine using body weight exercises. You can build strength with your upper and lower body in just one workout. How cool is that? Get busy burning those unwanted calories.
February 06, 2017

15 Minute In Home Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout
If asked, the average American might tell you the following about the requirements of an effective full body workout:

1) The only way to develop a lean body with a low body fat percentage is to use machines and cardio equipment that are only accessible with an expensive gym membership.

2) If a gym membership is not an option, it is mandatory to have costly in home exercise equipment to achieve optimal results.

3) Body weight training, which requires only the weight of ones' body, will never provide better results than exercise machines or cardio equipment.

Well, the fact of the matter is they would be wrong. Not only is it possible to obtain better results with body weight training with an in home full body workout, but the same or better results can be achieved in much less time.

The Facts:

1) You will save time because you won't have to drive to and from the gym or wait around for equipment.

2) You will save money because you won't have to waste it on an expensive gym membership or the cost of the gas to travel back and forth from the gym.

3) You will obtain results (lose more body fat and sculpt lean, sexy muscle) more quickly than possible with a gym or home workout equipment.

The Key Elements of a Full Body at Home Workout:

Step 1: Choose the proper exercises to build muscle, burn body fat and improve cardio fitness by using exercises that work the largest amount of muscle at one time.

Step 2: The list of exercises that provides these optimum benefits may appear small but each exercise has numerous variations. Squats, lunges, inverted rows, dips, chin-ups, and burpees are excellent choices because they require the widest range of movement, recruit the greatest amount of muscle, and burn the most fat.

Step 3: Make an effort to move as much as possible and refrain from taking too frequent breaks. This elevates your metabolism level and will greatly enhance fat burning.

Sample at Home Full Body Workout 1:

- Bodyweight squats x 20
- Push ups x 15
- Inverted rows x 15
- Plank x 30 seconds
- Without resting, perform each exercise the suggested number of times.
- After completing the entire circuit, rest for one to two minutes and repeat the circuit three to five more times.
- Another option is to set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and complete that circuit as many times as possible in that set period of time.
- These exercises will work every muscle in your body and it will only take about 15 minutes to achieve a very effective fat burning workout.

Sample at Home Full Body Workout 2:

- Burpees with a push-up. This one exercise alone will work your entire body.
- Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart and lower into a squat.
- Place hands on the floor in front of the feet. Kick the feet back to the top of a push-up position.
- From this position, do a push-up and upon reaching the top position of the push up, kick the feet back to the starting position and jump into the air.
- You can chose to do as many burpees with push ups as possible in 15 minutes, or a set number (example 50 burpees) and perform them as fast as possible. Both are incredibly effective options.
- As with every exercise routine, discuss this with your doctor before you begin.
- Gradually increase the number of repetitions and sets. Don't discourage yourself by attempting to accomplish too much too quickly. For instance, they next time you repeat the workout, perform more burpees in the set period of time, or complete the set number of burpees in less time.

If you want to enjoy the convenience of a total body workout from your home, these bodyweight work outs are the most effective method you can choose. Save yourself the problems and expense of a gym workout and discover how easily and quickly you can achieve a lean, healthy and attractive physique.