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March 04, 2018

How to Get Lean Muscle While You're Sleeping

There is no such thing as gaining lean muscle from doing nothing. When you sleep, you rest and your body recovers from the day's activities. When you have an intense workout, you capitalize on in by resting. It is a well-known fact that the muscle you get from doing weights stays on the more you rest afterward.
Get Lean Muscle
The concept of how much to sleep and when to sleep as part of a regimented workout is an often misunderstood and unfortunately not discussed as much in lean muscle circles as much as supplements and exercise routines. The fact is, if you just kept on training every day in the week without letting your body rest, not only is it bad for your mental and physical health, but you can severely impact on your potential to gain lean muscle every time you work out.

Typical symptoms of someone who has not had enough rest after a work out are apathy (feeling indifferent towards everything), working out for a shorter amount of time and still feeling exhausted and feeling tired before you've even started a workout. We all have an integrated warning alarm within us. It's called our gut instinct. If you pick up the weights and you REALLY don't feel like doing them, don't. Trusting your own feelings could protect your chances for gaining more lean muscle in the future.

To most effectively gain lean muscle while your sleeping, you should warm up before a workout, maybe run a lap of the gym or the neighborhood, do the workout, make sure you've pushed yourself, warm down and then rest. When you sleep, make sure you sleep enough so that the effects of the previous day's workout is negligible.

January 16, 2017

A 6-Day Weight Training Plan That Will Teach You How to Get Muscles

While it is true that you can achieve amazing muscle-building results on abbreviated training programs, most top bodybuilders, strength athletes, and many other people who have found out how to get muscles find it necessary to dedicate a good portion of their time to the gym to see the best results possible. Making progress in weight and reps on your exercises is still the most important aspect to any weight lifting routine, but you may very well find it necessary to train more often than just 4 or 5 days per week to see the biggest improvements in your physique. If you are trying to find out how to get muscles and are willing to put in a maximal amount of energy into your lifting, try this 6-day variation on the extremely effective push-legs-pull setup.

how to get lean muscle

This is basically the plan that I myself currently use. It is composed of a twice-per-week rotation of a pressing day, leg day, and pulling day. To be clear, this means that you will be training six days in a row with one off-day.

1. Push Day 
Floor Press or Bench Press - Alternate them from week to week. 
Machine overhead press - Pick your favorite and stick with it for this day. 
Machine close grip press - Use a bench press machine and take as close a grip as possible to stress your triceps. 
Cable crossovers - Do these to get a pump in your chest, and follow them with aggressive stretching. 
Dumbbell side raises - Use as heavy a weight you can handle for 12-15 reps. 
Triceps pressdowns - Use a V-bar attachment and do 2-3 hard sets of 15-20 reps.

-Tip- How to Get Muscles with the Bench Press: The best way to gain muscle with an exercise is to do it in a way that allows you to use the most weight. For the bench, this means arching your lower back, keeping your shoulder blades pulled tightly together, and getting a good leg drive through your heals.

2. Leg Day 
Squat or Deadlift - Alternate them from week to week. 
Leg curls - Pick any machine; my favorite is the lying variety. 
Cable Abs - Use a rope attachment and crunch while either standing or kneeling in front of the cable stack. 
Seated Calf Raises - Any seated calf raise machine will do.

3. Pull Day 
Weighted Pull-ups - Pick any variation. Avoid straps to work your grip. 
Hammer Strength or other Machine Row - Pick your favorite plate-loaded rowing machine. 
Reverse Pec-Dec - Face the pad and "raise" the weight to your sides to work your rear delts. 
Rope Hammer Curl - Do these with a rope attachment on a cable stack to work your forearms. 
Cable Curl - Use the same setup as the hammer curls, but with a V-shaped curl attachment.

4. Push Day 
Dumbbell Overhead press or Smith Machine Overhead press - Alternate from week to week. 
Chest Dips - Take a wide enough grip to work your chest. 
Decline EZ bar extensions - Use a moderate decline and lower the bar to your eyes. 
Cable crossovers, dumbbell side raises, and pressdowns - Follow the same protocol as Push Day 1.

5. Leg Day 
Leg Press - Place your feet high and wide to work your hamstrings as much as your quads. 
Leg Press Calves - Do your calf raises on the same leg press as before for convenience. 
Weighted Sit-ups - Keep the weight behind your head.

-Tip- How to Get Muscles in your hamstrings with the leg press: Place your feet high and wide on the leg press platform, even letting your toes hang off. Press through your heels to really get your hamstrings in on the movement.

6. Pull Day 
Barbell Row - Use a medium-width grip and straps. 
Cable pull-downs - Use your favorite attachment and a full range of motion. 
Rear Dumbbell raises - Use a heavy weight and a little bit of a swaying motion. 
Dumbbell hammer curl - Use very heavy weights and a moderately "cheating" form. 
Machine preacher curl - Get a good squeeze on this movement. 
Cable Rows - Do one high-rep set to "finish" your back and biceps.

Sets and Reps 
One of the most important aspects of figuring out how to get muscles is to find the best set and rep guidelines for your own body. This plan does not have a prescribed number of sets and reps for each exercise, but there are some general guidelines. For most of the primary (first) movements of each day, you should do one heavy set of about 5 reps and a lighter set of about 10. For machine exercises, you can use intensity techniques such as drop-sets or rest-pause sets. For everything else, figure out what rep range (done to failure) works best for you, but follow a general protocol of one or two very hard sets per exercise.

Nutrition and Recovery 
Many bodybuilding and strength training "gurus" would be quick to proclaim "overtraining" if they saw this plan. Most of these so-called experts don't even know how to get muscles themselves! Overtraining is much less of a concern than UNDEReating. As long as you are eating enough to gain weight, you should be able to come to the gym recovered and ready to break your personal records. Make sure you get enough sleep, as well. Your muscles grow outside of the gym.

November 14, 2016

Lift and Get Ripped - A Muscle Routine Layout For Regular Skinny Men

Lift and Get Ripped - A Muscle Routine Layout For Regular Skinny Men

Tired of all the technical crap that just confuses you, or the BS, hyped-up "recommendations" that are just thinly disguised sales pitches? What happened to the straight-forward, tried-and-true muscle routine techniques? Whether it may be to get a dozen phone numbers in one night from women who were attracted to your confidence, or getting a job promotion by being more fit and impressive, a muscle routine should contain these three things to help you consistently gain more lean muscle.

Get Ripped

Muscle Routine Component No. 1 - heavy weights, high intensity

The saying, "no pain, no gain" is too true. The reason that backs up this ancient proverb is the fact that muscle will only respond and grow when it opposes a force that is greater than itself. It obviously will hurt after lifting something heavy for an extended period of time and if you routinely undertake this process, your muscles will naturally adapt to it. Better getting bigger and feeling less pain than staying small and feeling more pain. No one talks about it in this manner, but this is why heavy weights are necessary for continual muscle mass gain. High intensity simply refers to doing the workout in a continuous circuit, giving your muscle less time to rest and hence reaching "muscle overload" quicker. "Muscle overload" is characterized by an inability to lift weights any more meaning your muscle is ready to rest and grow.

Muscle routine Component No. 2 - natural, high-protein food

You need to supply your muscles with the fundamental building blocks to grow. Building muscle without eating high-protein food is like building house with no bricks. We all know about the bodybuilders who take this too far and take steroids which is pure protein injected into the muscles. Our aim is to do this as organically as possible, to maintain the integrity of the body and keep our body naturally healthy. Red meat is a popular choice, but it generally gets digested slower because of its density. Things like eggs and legumes however are smaller and thus more readily absorbable.

Muscle Routine Component No. 3 - rest

Many unsuspecting bodybuilders forget about this important aspect of an effective muscle routine. Rest is paramount. Continuing with the house building analogy, it's like giving time for the mortar to dry. Doing weights without giving yourself time to recover can actually undo the muscle that you spent so long trying to get. This is why working out at night time is not such a good idea. Your body has been stirred up and is unable to rest properly.

These three muscle routine components are absolutely vital to muscle gain success. If you are someone who is new to gaining muscle, you have been given a foundation to base your future workouts on. If you are a hardgainer whose muscle routine lacked these components, congratulations, because you're not a hardgainer anymore. There is always time to fix up your muscle routine. What better time than right now?

To find more ways to get ripped click this link

November 05, 2016

Top 3 Muscle Routine Programs to Boost Muscle Density

If you have found this article, you're probably looking for some guidance about how to gain some lean muscle. You're sick and tired of the snide remarks at your thin profile and how you couldn't look after your family or partner if you tried. The good news is, you can do something about it, but it will require some work on your behalf. How important is your family to you?

Muscle Routine Programs

If you answered, "important enough for me to find a muscle routine that will help me get healthier and add some muscle to my body, so that if ever there is a time I have to protect the ones I love, I will be ready." You're reading the right article. This article will, for your benefit, review 3 popular muscle routine programs so you can quicker decide who will help you reclaim some pride.

3- "No-Nonsense Muscle Building" - Vince DelMonte Vince DelMonte is a personal trainer who lives in Ontario, Canada. His best selling electronic book, "No-Nonsense Muscle Building", won the "best new muscle program and meal plan" award from 2006 until 2008. He has helped over 20,000 men in 200 countries release the body of their dreams and shaped it to reality. What makes Vince DelMonte stand out from the rest of the trainers is his down-to-earth attitude. He really does feel like the friendly guy from next door who is happy to help their neighbor gain some self-confidence, as many have noted from his videos.

2- "Muscle Gaining Secrets" - Jason Ferruggia If you are a fan of "Mens Fitness" magazine, then you would be aware of the influence and credibility that Jason Ferruggia holds in the muscle industry. Jason Ferruggia has been a natural lifter (no steroids) for over 20 years and has been personally helping regular men and women gain lean muscle with a custom-made muscle routine for them for 15. "Muscle Gaining Secrets" is a collection of all of his experience over the years, and is another popular muscle routine program choice for those seek a sensible approach to gaining lean muscle.

3- "The Truth About Building Muscle" - Sean Nalewanyj Sean Nalewanyj suffered tumultuous teenage years and turned himself into an expert on muscle gain by actively practicing what he teaches. He by no means is as credible as Jason Ferruggia or Vince DelMonte, but he is also a popular choice because of the many people who find that they can emphasize with his story. Defeating his Asian genetics, he transformed his 132 lb frame by stacking on block after block of solid muscle to become a 200+ lb gentle giant.

Muscular density is a physical thing that is able to drastically improve the emotional perspective that someone has of themselves. Someone who wants to protect their friends and family has to be strong in the mind first and that can't occur until they SEE themselves as someone strong. What better way than to improve physical health at the same time with a proven muscle routine?

November 01, 2016

How To Get Lean Muscle Fast

How to get lean muscle fast is about effectively reducing body fat when gaining weight. It's known that a calorie surplus results in weight gain which will primarily be body fat. But when you are on a resistance training program, you will build some muscle from the excess calories.

If you want to build muscle you have to gain as much muscle as possible from your calorie surplus (needed to gain muscle) with very little or no fat. Accomplishing this can be a little tricky, but it can be done by anyone if you use the right methods and strategies.

How To Get Lean Muscle Fast

Here Are The Main Areas That Needs To Be Focused On To Get lean Muscle.

Each factor will be influenced by everyone's specific circumstances, but they are the factors that have to be addressed to get lean muscle for men and women.

Your Calorie Intake 

This is one of the most important factors that have to be addressed to get lean muscle. Remember weight gain is largely determined by calories. If you can eat the right amount of calories that you need to build muscle without gaining large amounts of fat you'll get a good start to gain lean muscle fast.

Cardio Training 

Using the right cardio workout in your program will help burn body fat. HIIT is very effective for burning body fat and it's also the best cardio exercise to preserve muscle mass.

Effective Weight Training 

The more effective your weight training sessions are at making you gain muscle mass, the more muscle you'll build from your calorie surplus and the less fat that'll be stored from excess calories.

These are the main factors that have to be addressed for building lean muscle. So always keep these elements in mind because using a program that adresses them proper is really how to gain lean muscle fast.

Speaking of good muscle building or bodybuilding programs that'll teach you how to get lean muscle fast, I must mentioned a great program that really helped me with my quest to gain lean muscle mass.