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March 15, 2018

How to Bulk Up

How to Bulk Up - 3 Skinny Guy Muscle Building Tips

If you're a skinny guy who's frustrated with your muscle building efforts and can't seem to put any weight on no matter how hard you try, then you're not alone. We hardgainers have a tough time building muscle mass if we follow what the rest of the crowd is doing.
bulking diet
The following 3 skinny guy tips will help clear the fog and show you how to bulk up.

Reduce The Amount Of Isolation Exercises You Do

As I always recommend to skinny guys who are looking at how to bulk up, compound exercises are much better than isolation exercises for gaining mass and building muscle quickly.

Now, don't get me wrong...isolation exercises do have their place, but they are simply an inefficient way to build multiple muscle groups at the same time, since they focus or "isolate" certain muscles. This is why you'll often hear guys say "Monday is Chest Day, Tuesday is Legs Day, Wednesday is Arms Day, etc..."

Skinny guys who try to use isolation exercises to bulk up fast, end up making these common mistakes:
- They train each muscle group only once or twice per week

- They spend too much time in the gym

- They end up working out every day and overtraining, thus reducing their body's recovery ability.

If you want to know how to bulk up, stick to compound exercises like Squats, Chest Press, Barbell Curls, Dips, Bent Over Rows and the like, and incorporate them into 3 full-body workouts per week, lasting between 45 minutes to an hour.

Give 110% in your workouts and you won't be able to manage more than that.

Increase Calorie Consumption MASSIVELY

Insufficient calorie intake is one of the biggest reasons skinny guys fail in their attempts to bulk up fast.

According to nutritionists, an average male should consume around 2,500 calories per day. However, if you're looking at how to bulk up and build muscle mass, then you should be consuming at least another 1,000 on top of this.

These calories should be quality calories from sources like lean meats, eggs, beans, pulses, oatmeal, and plenty of vegetables. Split them between 5-6 meals per day and reduce your saturated and processed fats in order to bulk up fast.

Harness Your Natural Growth Hormones

Growth hormones have become synonymous with pill-popping, needle-using extreme bodybuilders, and have a bad reputation.

While this kind of behaviour is rightly condemned, there is a way that skinny guys can harness their own natural growth hormone without resorting to dodgy pills and potions.

Our own bodies supply us with a natural growth hormone which is anabolic in nature and helps us to build muscle and bulk up. This growth hormone is secreted particularly when we are asleep, especially when we reach deep sleep, and provides us with the ability to repair and strengthen our muscles.

For this reason, plenty of good quality sleep is essential for the skinny guy who is looking at how to bulk up fast.

In the same way, avoiding stress and lack of sleep is important, since this makes the body produces Cortisol which is a catabolic hormone, and takes essential nutrients away from the muscles causing them to lose mass or hamper their growth.
March 02, 2018

Muscle Building Workouts for Skinny Guys

Muscle Building Workouts: Best Workouts for Skinny Guys

Muscle Building Workouts
Wasting time on the wrong weight training exercises is one of the most frequent mistakes that skinny guys who are new to weight training make.  Skinny guys have to meet a different set of requirements when choosing effective workouts to maximize muscle growth.  Here are a few important muscle building workouts for skinny guys.

1. Chest: Bench press and flat DB chest press

2. Shoulders: Seated DB shoulder press

3. Triceps: Dips and tricep pressdowns

4. Quads: Squats and lunges

Now, those are just a few of the core muscle groups you should be working when trying to gain muscle.  Ideally you want a well-rounded workout for your entire body so that you don’t end up with uneven muscle distribution.  Working out three to four times a week is ideal, and you want to focus mostly on weight training without adding too much cardio.  A little  bit is okay for keeping your heart healthy, but too much is only going to defeat you by burning off all those calories you need to transform into muscle mass.

Diet is also an important factor for skinny guys wanting to bulk up.  You have to eat enough food and the right kinds of food to put on muscle without it turning to fat.  You can defeat your skinny genetics, however, if you do it properly.  It’s all about knowing your body, training smart, training hard and minimizing workout time, eating the right kinds of food, and focusing on core exercises and muscle groups.

These are just a few of the most important muscle building workouts you should be doing as a skinny guy.  There are many more, but these are some of the best.  If you stick to these exercises, you will see maximum growth in the fastest amount of time, even if you are underweight.
February 28, 2018

9 Good Muscle Building Workouts

Top 9 Good Muscle Building Workouts – Exercises and Routines

We all want to know good muscle building workouts that can give true results. But not all good muscle building workouts are what they seem to be, that is because a lot of people try to sell the "new best workouts" with no real meat behind the surface.

Muscle Building WorkoutsWe will in this article look at some exercises that are believed by bodybuilders and other experts to be the real good muscle building workouts.

Muscle Building Workouts – Exercises

-Muscle Building Workouts #1 – Incline Cable Flyers:

A lot of people underestimate cable flyers, but they are simple awesome for building muscle with and should be in every good weight training workouts. This specific exercise targets your chest area.

-Muscle Building Workouts #2 – Machine Bench Press:

Even though a lot of people will prefer a free weight bench press, it is good to use the machine bench press at times to switch it up a little.

-Muscle Building Workouts #3 – One Arm Press with One Dumbbell:

One of my friend, who is highly regarded in the MMA world, told the importance of this workout. You lie on a bench press, but instead of two dumbbells that are usually associated with dumbbells bench press, you only use one.

The reason why this is in the good muscle building workouts list, is because not only does it builds your chest muscles, shoulder and triceps, but it also gives great punching power that fighters are looking for when they fight.

-Muscle Building Workouts #4 – T-Bar Row with One Arm: 

The T-Bar is usually done with both arms, but try doing it with one arm instead and you will notice how you use your muscles in another way.

-Muscle Building Workouts #5 – Dumbbell Row with One Arm:

This exercise in the good mass building workouts is truly a mass builder. You need a bench where you place one of your knees on and the other foot on the ground. Lift a dumbbell upwards so that you have a 90 degree angle in your elbow and return.

-Muscle Building Workouts #6 – Shoulder Calf Machine:

This exercise is great for your calf muscles and can be found in most gyms.

-Muscle Building Workouts #7 – Standing Dumbbells Shoulder Press:

This is absolutely one of the good bodybuilding building workouts and a great muscle builder. Stand with your back straight and your abs tuck in and extend your arms upwards with the dumbbells in hand.

Muscle Building Workouts – Abdominal

-Muscle Building Workouts #8 – Cable Crunch:

You need a high pulley with a rope attached. Place your knees on the ground and pull the rope down around your neck and crunch your abdominals downwards so that you feel them tighten up. This is truly among the good ab workouts for your abdominals.

-Muscle Building Workouts #9– Abdominal Machine Crunch:

You need an abdominal crunch machine and adjust the weight as you like.

Include the above good muscle building workouts and reap the benefits.

February 08, 2018

Top Muscle Building Workouts

It is important to build muscles. Muscles signify a fit body. Achieving that sculpted body means knowing the right kind of muscle building workouts.

The first step in the workout is to perform strength exercises. This can either be using free weights or body weight. This is to ready the body for more strenuous routines later. More calories are burned and more body fat is eliminated while doing weighted exercises. The muscles perform greater activity in the combination of balancing and weights.
Muscle Building Workouts

One of the most important muscle building workouts is the shifting routine. For starters, isolation muscle exercises are discouraged. Target more muscle groups in one exercise combo. Muscles are built faster in a complex exercise. Exercise combos include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. A discouraged routine includes dumbbell curls.

One constant question is whether to use free weights or weight machines in exercises. Free weights are recommended for starters. It stimulates more muscle groups than using weight machines. Compound exercises are also more possible when using free weights. Free weights are especially good for home gyms. Weight machines are also recommended for isolation exercises but this kind of routines focus on certain muscle groups and have slow results.

Insert supersets in the routine. An exercise that targets both the muscles in the chest and back is more beneficial. This is possible by performing push-ups and dumbbell back rows simultaneously. A superset aims to put more strain in more muscle groups as possible.

Another recommended workout is the bench press. Bench press targets lower body muscles primarily. It also is beneficial for pectorals, triceps, front deltoids, and serratus. Utilize a spotter when doing bench press to avoid workout accidents.

Internal training is also vital. Internal training is the combined routine of high intensity and light intensity workouts. This step encourages progression. In a treadmill, sprint for the 10 seconds. For the next 30 seconds, perform light walking. Surprising the body with high intensity intervals burns body fat faster, builds muscles quickly, and stimulates fast metabolism without too much damage in the muscle tissues.

The next step is to do an exercise combo of strength training and cardio routines. This routine builds muscle mass faster than isolation exercises. Only 30 minutes per day is required to achieve maximum results. This includes 10 minutes warm-up, 10 minutes medium level strength exercise involving the whole body, and 10 minutes of cardio exercises in high intensity.

With a barbell, perform deadlifts. Deadlifts targets overall body strength especially in the midsection up to the lower part of the back. It can be inserted into the routine at any time. It is advisable to perform weighted exercises though before doing deadlifts.

Muscle building workouts require persistence. With the right routine combination, muscles are built in no time. It is important to monitor daily progress per day. Track how much boy fat is lost. Combine the right exercises with proper eating. The two complement each other. High intensity workouts are futile if partnered with over eating. Visible muscle results are optimized in eating protein-rich foods.