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March 09, 2018

Know How to Tone Your Arms

If you believe that only fat people have flabby arms, then you are in for a big surprise. The truth is, most women within the range of average body weight are tormented by the unsightly appearance of flabby arms. These are the same women who struggle to find the right solution to their problem and some of them even consider surgical options such as arm liposuction to get rid of the flab.

How to Tone Your Arms

If only everyone could afford such an expensive surgical procedure. The good news is, you do not have to go through surgery to learn how to tone your arms. There is a safe and natural way to do just that. And it would not hurt you to try this out and make the most out of this very simple strategy.

So how to tone your arms? The obvious answer is through arm exercises that deliver. Yes, there are specific exercises that address the issue of flabby arms and you can this even at the comfort of your own home and read the results afterwards. These exercises are divided into two categories: exercises with weights, and those that do not use weights. Keep in mind that though the exercise is the same, different people might respond to this exercise in varied ways. Some gain results very quickly while others are quite slow with their progress.

Here are some of the things you can do in order to learn how to tone your arms:

How to tone your arms with weights

You can choose to use a 3lb to 5lb dumbbell for this particular exercise. The trick is to do dumbbell or barbell curls in order to tone your arms. Each curl is one rep and ten repetitions comprise a single set. Doing three to five sets is enough for this particular workout regimen. The key factor to take note of is to perform each rep slowly and accurately. Proper execution of the routine ensures that you are toning your arms well, thus, results will come in quickly.

How to tone your arms without weights

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Step one foot forward and slightly bend at your knees. This is actually a boxer stance. After assuming the position, execute punching movements with each of your fists in alternating manner. You decide if you start with your left arm or your right one. Punch the air in front of you as if there's an invisible punching bag present. Do 20 punches for good measure and make sure that each punch is intense. Remember to always make sure that your arms are at shoulder level in every punch that you make.
After that, punch the air above your head, as if there's an invisible punching bag there. Extend your arms at full length in every punch and feel the muscles in your arm stretch while doing the punching.
20 punches in front and 20 punches above the head make up one set. Do three sets per session and you're good to go. Once you get the hang of it, you can increase to five sets.

One of your greatest fears when it comes to learning how to tone your arms, is when you might be toning so hard that you are actually building muscles on your arms. If you're a woman, then that is something you do not want to happen. Keep your dumbbell weights to at most five pounds in order to avoid building bulk. This ensures that you are just toning and firming your arms and not really wanting to build big muscles on that specific area.
February 15, 2018

Effective Triceps Exercises

3 Triceps Exercises That Will Give You the Best Muscular Gains

When you hear people talk about training arms, they almost always focus on the biceps. While biceps are important, it is the triceps that take up nearly two thirds of your upper arm mass and that give your arms that full, thick look. If you are looking to build a truly impressive set of arms, you must focus just as much, if not more effort on your triceps exercises as you do your curls. Here are three excellent triceps exercises that will allow you to add an enormous amount of muscle mass and strength to this important body part.

Tricep Exercises - Close-grip Bench Press

If your triceps are lagging behind the rest of your physique, you should make this your priority pressing movement. When building the majority of your muscle mass, heavy weights are the key element to your success, and none of the other triceps exercises will allow you to use more weight than the close-grip bench press. To perform this exercise, take a shoulder-width or slightly narrower grip on the bar. Make sure you are employing good bench press technique - arch your lower back, keep your shoulder blades together, and place your feet solidly on the floor. If you can, have a spotter hand off the weight to you, so you don't have to waste energy with a lift-off. Lower the weight to your lower pecs, and then drive it back to the top, all the while keeping your elbows tucked in at about a 45-degree angle.
tricep exercises
If you have already been working on good form and technique on the regular bench press, this exercise should be a relative no-brainer to make work for you. Do one or two very heavy sets of 4-6 reps, and follow them with one or two down sets of 8-10 reps. Like any major exercise, you must constantly strive to add more weight to the bar.

Tricep Exercises - Triceps Dips

Though some people choose to use dips to work their chests, dips are most often used as one of a trainee's main triceps exercises. Personally, this has always been my favorite movement for triceps and has probably given me the most muscular gains in that area. To properly perform dips for this muscle group, take a narrow, less than shoulder-width grip on the dip bars. Lower yourself to a point where your upper arms are about parallel with the floor. If you want, you can use a slightly smaller range of motion in favor of more weight or reps. While this wouldn't work so well for stimulating the chest, the triceps are most stressed at the top end of most pressing movements.

If you want to see the most growth possible from your triceps, you must add weight to your body when doing dips. Like with the close-grip bench press, you should aim to make constant progress on a set of 4-6 reps and on a set of 8-10. You can also do "pump" set of maximum reps at bodyweight if you wish.

Tricep Exercises - Decline EZ bar extensions

There are many different ways of doing extensions, but I have found this one to be the most beneficial triceps exercises. To put your body in a decline, use a decline sit-up bench. You can either have a spotter hand you the weight once you get into position, or you can clean it to your shoulders before you step back into the sit-up bench. Lower the bar towards your eyes, but do not go all the way down. Instead, come to a point where your forearms are slightly lower than parallel to the floor and drive the weight back up to lockout. Keep your form as strict as possible during most of the set, but don't be afraid to loosen it up a bit to squeeze out another rep or two. The best protocol for this exercise is 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.